Certtun is the leading Blockchain platform in certification of skills and its use has a wide range of advantages.

blockchain education platform
One of the improvements that the use of the Certtun Blockchain platform brings is having a new marketing channel to generate new traffic and new leads to your website . People have an intrinsic need to show the world our achievements and capabilities. Therefore, when the student receives the recognition, they have the need to share it on their social networks, so that the rest of the world can see how their academic or professional profile is more valuable. When they share it, they are indirectly generating a new marketing channel for the company . In this way, they offer the possibility of showing our brand and corporate image for free from our diplomas, and even mention us and attracting new leads. We can also enhance this channel by predefining the message that the student will share on social networks.

Better employability

It should be noted that the student also benefits, since he can improve his employability thanks to the improvement he can bring to his academic profile. Especially thanks to the use of LinkedIn and the possibility of creating your own digital resume.

Saving resources

Another benefit of the platform is the improvement of automation and digitization ; the platform facilitates administrative tasks in reference to the issuance of certificates. This is an advantage because issuing certificates is still a laborious, time-consuming and costly task. If this is integrated with the center’s system, the issuance can be done automatically and easily. In addition, it should be noted that students receive recognition directly in their wallet in a fast, simple, automated way.

Gamification of training

Another great advantage of using Certtun is the ability to gamify the training. This functionality allows for the first time the creation of educational itineraries where different types of skills are recognized (hard and soft skills). An example of these soft skills would be the ability to work in a group or speak in public, skills that are camouflaged in long-term training such as university degrees or masters but that can be of great value to students.

Increased motivation

In addition, thanks to the badges and itineraries, it is possible to divide the training of any course, granting recognition to the students as the training progresses, in order to increase their motivation , since they can see more visually the knowledge they have and in addition, it allows you to personalize your academic / professional profile much more.

Blockchain Truth and Transparency

And all these benefits backed by the veracity of the information provided by the use of blockchain technology. Therefore, do you want to have the best certificate issuance tool? Use Ce rttun!