What is blockchain? In addition to being one of the most trending words today, it is also a concept that projects a revolution in several areas.

Concept of online learning. Man touches to certificate icon (diploma). He holds tablet pc, that contains a many different online services.

The blockchain is a decentralized technology that allows storing data in an unforgeable and secure way thanks to an encryption of information. It allows credentials to be shared openly among several users without the risk of forgery.

So the blockchain makes it possible to create unforgeable documents with total transparency of their data and even associate these documents to a specific identity, whether they are digital ID or academic diplomas. And this is where Certtun’s technology is an advantage.

With Certtun Digital Credentials, all certificates are true and transparent thanks to this technology, guaranteeing their security, since all records are tamper-proof.

In addition, this technology that characterizes this new type of certificates stands out for helping to prevent fraud. The use of complex encryption systems makes attempts at identity theft much more difficult. 

They are also an alternative to conventional diplomas and promote integrity by ensuring the authenticity of the identity and the information they contain to third parties. It is also very easy to use, as users can confirm the origin of products simply by using an electronic device.

Finally, the use of this new type of credentials or diplomas provides greater efficiency for companies and institutions verifying the information, since instead of devoting a large part of resources, whether time, human or capital, in verifying the background of a student, they can simply rely on the information provided in the diploma, since the blockchain itself guarantees the veracity and immutability of that data.

Therefore, we can see that this new technology is not simply a technology made to record operations or any transaction, but it represents a revolution in the issuance of digital certificates. For the first time, it not only allows information not to be falsified, but also makes it easier and faster to share these certificates.