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Automatización de emisión

Emisión y automatización de credenciales y certificados digitales – una nueva realidad Actualmente la mayoría de centros formativos emiten sus diplomas y certificados de manera manual, mediante un proceso lento, en el que intervienen muchos agentes. Además rara vez se garantiza la veracidad del documento y estos son relativamente sencillos y comunes de falsificar. Los […]


RECOGNITIONS FOR EMPLOYEES The society in which we live is constantly changing, something that is increasingly noticeable in the world of work, with the incorporation of new work methodologies in different areas and sectors, as well as the emergence of new technological tools that facilitate certain tasks. That is why workers must constantly recycle themselves […]


GAMIFICATION USING CERTTUN Gamification is a learning technique that transfers the mechanisms of games to the educational and professional environment in order to achieve better results, either to learn better some knowledge, improve a skill or reward specific actions. The gamification theory also seeks to use recognition (awards) as a motivational method to increase student […]


MARKETING WITH CERTTUN   With digital credential platforms we have new options that a paper diploma has never offered. The most important for the student is the ability to share their new certified knowledge and achievements with others, all from their social media, their main means of communication with their contacts, whether academic, professional or […]