Certtun, the best ally to guarantee the veracity of educational qualifications

Certtun, the best ally to guarantee the veracity of educational qualifications

Certtun is the leading platform in blockchain certification

The reputed newspaper El Economista has set its sights on Certtun, the Blockchain solution created by Vottun , to fight against fraud and falsification of both degrees and certificates in the educational field, as well as professional experience, in the workplace. 

After the rise of these fraudulent practices, prejudices and mistrust also grow. Blockchain technology is the best ally because it prevents any data registered in it from being modified or eliminated. In addition, traceability and data encryption allow to demonstrate 100% that the information is true.

In the Certtun platform, certifications are made through digital credentials that are registered in the Blockchain, associating themselves with each student or employee, and becoming unforgeable.

Plataforma Certtun Certificacion Blockchain

Why is Certtun the best option?

  • Simple operation . Certtun adapts to the center and does not modify its operations
  • Infinidad de opciones. Los Smart Contracts añaden funcionalidades, como por ejemplo, establecer una fecha de caducidad
  • Pago por uso. Si no se emiten certificados, no llega ningún cargo. Cuanto más se usa, más barato es.

Certtun, que está entre las 5 mejores soluciones del mundo para la emisión de credenciales digitales educativos, ya está siendo utilizada por organizaciones de todo el mundo, como por ejemplo The World Bank, ITBA Argentina, EADA Business School, BCN Activa o W Startup C con resultados excelentes y para fines muy diversos yendo desde la creación de certificados hasta la motivación a sus empleados mediante la emisión de insignias o reconocimientos.

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