Digital Diplomas are here to stay

Digital Diplomas created with the Certtun Platform
For some time, the delivery of diplomas in digital format for the accreditation of academic training has become popular among various types of training centers, either in person or online. These are Digital Diplomas, the new way to deliver training degrees, and they are here to stay.

This new certification model, especially popular in the United States, has been offered for a few years by many companies, including Certtun , which in this case is the only one that records all the information on the blockchain, thus guaranteeing that all the information is truthful. and transparent.  

These new digital badges follow a worldwide standard known as Open Badge 2.0 . This standard sets the guidelines and the necessary information that must be able to be recorded in a digital diploma, so that the information is as truthful as possible. 

Digital Diplomas allow …

  • Consult information, such as knowledge acquired by students
  • Access evidence about their training (final grades, comments from teachers, letters of recommendation …)
  • Identify the necessary criteria for the achievement of the training

Therefore, we are not talking about a simple digital diploma, but about a new type of accreditation with associated information regarding training. This information will not only be accessible to the student, but also to all those third parties who must verify this information. 


What advantages do digital diplomas bring us?

The advantages of these new types of credentials are many. For the first time, they do not only benefit the student, but also the issuing educational center, and third parties who must consult this title.

From the student’s point of view

You can store your own personally identifiable information as well as all your diplomas on the devices of your choice, making it much more accessible.  

In the same way, it allows us to quickly create a digital resume , and even to be included in social media profiles, such as LinkedIn. The creation of this will provide us with the advantage of being able to have all the information more visible, interactively and obviously visible to others. 

Regarding the issuing center

It allows to reduce the monetary and human resources used in the creation of diplomas. In part, thanks to the simplicity of use and integration of digital credential creation platforms. Using these new programs you avoid spending time creating diplomas manually, automating their issuance thanks to the integration with the center’s information systems.

For example, if a teacher incorporates the final grades, the system will issue a diploma to the student directly, avoiding all the procedures and efforts that its creation took before. In addition, its cost is lower, since all administrative costs, as well as printing costs, are no longer considered. In this way, the center saves considerable resources, both temporary, monetary and even human resources. 

The center will enjoy greater authority , since they have a legal validity represented by the authorized entity. They have an authenticity to be an unforgeable diploma. On the part of the centers they show a seriousness and concern for the student, providing them with a certainty of the qualification and of the benefits of the investment made in the course.  

We could even highlight that they also serve as a sales pitch . Today there are a wide variety of online training courses, therefore, the delivery of a valid, digital and fully interactive diploma is a differentiating fact.

Another great benefit, the gamification of your training.

Thanks to the possibility of creating badges (medals or badges), the educational center has the possibility of creating new educational itineraries , with which the different students can personalize their training and feel much more involved in it. Which translates into a greater volume of training for the center. 

Finally, it is interesting to note that it facilitates the task for all those third parties that must access or check the information, such as the HR departments, admission, etc. and streamlines the tasks related to the management of administrative functions.

Now simply by reading a QR on a diploma, you can check all the information regarding the training with the certainty that it is 100% secure. 


Therefore, we can see that this new type of credentials and diplomas is not only the digitization of a diploma , but also represents a paradigm shift in the recognition of degrees. In addition to increasing student satisfaction, it also has added value for educational centers and third parties who want to consult the degree. 

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