Accurate and up-to-date information

Always make sure that the profile data of each of your members is 100% up to date and 100% verifiable with accurate, up to the second information.

The student recieve the certificates in its wallet
Students sharing their achievements

Promote your brand

Promote your brand as a job and talent portal with accurate and up-to-date information. Allow your members to share their career skills and achievements such as certifications and credentials.

Instant verification

All users and employers using your application will be able to verify the data of all your participants right there and then in seconds. Not only will they be able to access the certificate or credential, they will also be able to see all the relevant data of the certificate issuer, the user data, the public key of the certificate and even access the transaction recorded in the blockchain.

All the certificate sare 100% verifiable with a QR code


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