Engage your Students

Help your students to prove they are worth to the world with reliable digital certificates that verify their skills.
They can easily share them on their social media, giving your university or training centre much more visibility.
Badges and certificates from the Certtun clients
Your students can share in Social Media their certificates

Increase your visibility

Certtun makes it easy for your students to share their certificate or badge on social media or with anyone else.

Every time your certificates are shared, your brand will be seen.

The student recieve the certificates in its wallet

Digital Wallet

All certificates issued are received by the student in their digital Wallet, personalised with your brand.
This wallet is a private and secure environment for each student. From there, the student controls its certificates and is able to share them with whomever they wish via email, social media, websites…
All the certificate sare 100% verifiable with a QR code

100% Secure verification

Blockchain certificates are synonymous with veracity and transparency. The use of this technology avoids the problems of false certificates.
This 100% secure verification provides trust and direct visibility of the issuing centre, as well as facilitating administrative tasks and certificate verification. HR or admissions departments will be able to verify the certificates you have issued reliably and easily by simply scanning a QR code. 

Repository of Students

With Certtun, you can have a directory on your website at no additional cost where your students can promote their profile and show the world their knowledge, skills and achievements.
HR or admissions departments will be able to see the certificates of each student and verify them in a reliable and easy way, simply by scanning a QR code.
We offer a repository with all the students
You can create education pathways

Create Educational Pathways

This tool gives you the possibility to create badges for your students. This way you can motivate them, reward them and involve them in their training.
You can create educational or professional pathways where these badges are awarded throughout the training, until the students receive their final certificate.
From Certtun we can integrate our platform with LMS or any business application

Integrate with LMS

We offer solutions for the integration with your information systems. We also have plugins for LMS such as Moodle, Canvas, Zapier and WordPress.

We offer your personalized support

Personalized support

With blockchain technology, we guarantee maximum security and veracity.
We follow the Open Badge 2.0 standard and comply with the RGDP, and the platform is recognised as a trusted e-service provider.
We are at your disposal for personalised support from our experts at any time.


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